Call for Demos

Submission due by July 20, 2015

We invite proposals for demonstrations to be displayed at the Demo Session that will be organized during the ICDM 2015 conference. Demos of data mining software that incorporate state-of-the-art techniques and novel application domains, provide an innovative user interface, and/or allow for fluent interaction with the user are highly encouraged. Demonstrated software is not required to be ready for commercial application, as long as it is of interest to the ICDM community. A demo is for:

  • demonstrating data mining software systems and libraries closely related to the area of data mining and knowledge discovery;
  • showing new technological advances in applying data mining techniques.

The demo proposal needs to describe:

  • the motivation for the demonstrated concepts;
  • the design;
  • the development and functionality of the work in an interactive setting;
  • the significance of the contribution.

The ICDM 2015 Demo Session will provide data mining researchers and practitioners an exciting and highly interactive way to explore new ideas and results. Accepted demo papers will be published in the ICDM 2015 Workshop Proceedings.

Preparing Your Demo Submissions

The demonstration submissions must be within four pages in IEEE proceedings style (double-column pages) and must include:

  • Title
  • Authors (name, affiliation, email, address, phone and fax)
  • Corresponding author with her/his email address
  • Abstract (max. 150 words)
  • Keywords
  • Category of the submission
  • URL for the demo software (if available)
  • Paper ID if the demo is related to a paper at the main conference
  • Equipment you will bring (e.g. laptop, projector)
  • Equipment you will need (e.g. table, poster board, power sockets)
  • Special requirements (e.g. extra space and if so how much, video projector)
  • Discussion of the present state of your demo (e.g. ready to demonstrate now, but if not, include a realistic estimate for conclusion and what remains to be done before you have a demonstrable system)

Preparing Your Demo Submissions

Submit your document by the deadline through the link here.

 Selection Criteria

  • Relevance to the ICDM community
  • Novelty of the application domain
  • Technical advances and challenges
  • Quality and soundness of the underlying technology
  • Potential for public interaction
  • Overall attractiveness of the demonstrated system

Important Dates

  • Demo submission deadline: July 20, 2015
  • Demo notifications: TBA
Demo Chairs

Hanghang Tong
Arizona State University, USA

B. Aditya Prakash
Virginia Tech, USA

For questions with regard to the ICDM 2015 Demo Session, you may contact the Demo Chairs.